Dublin man Chris Kavanagh was raised on Irish music and has been singing Irish folk songs since he was three years old. He learned by ear to play piano, and played many different styles of music in various bands and now plays guitar & 5 string banjo too.
His passion for Irish music inspired him to form the successful band "Legend of Luke Kelly", a tribute to the late great singer of "The Dubliners".
Multi instrumentalist Chris began writing original material six years ago, and in 2011 recorded his first original album. His first single release, entitled "Paddy's Day" (co-written by Hilary Kavanagh) is available on iTunes and has caused quite a stir on Youtube! The song was written to reflect the political climate in Ireland, and it's Dublin wit and lively tune are sure to get your feet tapping no matter where you are from.
The album is now also available and is a perfect blend of good old fashioned Irish folk, but with a new and original flavour, the likes of which hasn't been heard in an original Irish album for decades.